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Customer testimonial OZEO

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Ozeo is specialized in the design and implementation of home automation projects.

Their ambition is to offer the best technologies, to make them easy to use and to integrate them perfectly into the housing and the way of life.


« I knew about EMSPROTO by word of mouth. Our problem is a typical one for startups, i.e. to come out with innovative products as quickly as possible to take the market.

Unfortunately our schedules are very busy and our hours are very variable. Nowadays we can’t wait for a sales person to call us back at office hours 1 or 2 days later. By the time he checks the BOM, makes an estimate, etc…it was possible in the last century…but not anymore!


The 3 essentials points that made me decide to test EMSPROTO are :

– 4 assembled multi-layer prototypes assembled in 1 week usually, it’s perfect!

– the online ordering website: absolutely brilliant innovation from EMSPROTO with live BOM verification of costs and lead times. This means much less errors! 

– no human intermediary for standard cases, (from commercial to old-style 😉 ), it’s faster, more reliable and flexible from a time perspective.


This collaboration has really changed our daily work, it is a real revolution in the business and in the way we order prototypes. Genius !

We have saved a massive amount of time and time is very precious for startups. It’s essential for us, French startups, to bring out innovations as quickly as possible in a context of international competition.

I have been in the business for a long time and I can guarantee you that EMSPROTO’s order website is the best innovation I have seen for prototyping. »


Olivier Desormiere, Hardware Development Manager 


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