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We are one of the 1000 strong growth European co

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The financial Times, a famous British business and financial daily newspaper, published the list of the 1000 fastest growing European companies in Europe.

We are proud to be at the 596 place in this ranking. We also appear for the 2nd  year in a row in the list of 500 growth Champions published by Les Echos in 89th place. 

Once again, a big thank you to the unwavering dedication of our customers and our team, without whom all this could not exist. 

Here is a reminder of our article from February 11 😉

We created EMSPROTO 5 years ago. It is the 1st industrial factory in Europe to offer an electronic board online ordering service. Aimed at electronic engineers in all industries, our online quotation makes it possible to order any custom PCB, anywhere, anytime! Thanks to our innovative service, we were able to quickly find our customers and continue to see our turnover increase year after year, thus recording a growth of + 2524.13 %  between 2015 and 2020, including a 20 % of our turnover aboard in 2020.

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In 2019, we expended by integrating a new bulding, increasing the size from 300 m2 to 2000 m2. Nestled in a naturel setting, we want to limit our carbon footprint due to the production of electronic boards. The factory is equipped with an ecological system, with reinforced insulation, free cooling ventilation to limit electricity consumption and a 70KW solar panel shade is under construction. 




This new bulding has been entirely designed to take into account the small quantity of electronic board assembly activity. Thanks to this new place, we were able to invest in 10 new production machines. These new investments have enabled us to open 3 production lines that are even more optimized thanks to automation. First 100 % automated assembly line in Europe, we have been awarded with the label Factory of the Future thanks to our innovation. Whether in taking orders via the web interface (,  or also on our production lines which have been entirely designed and adapted to produce small quantities quickly and optimized way, we always see further!


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Facing the sanitary conditions, we have been able to adapt ourselves by offering dematrielized visits of our factory. These ones takes place every 2 weeks , for a duration of approximatlty 30 minutes and plunge visitors into the heart of our production. Thanks to these ones, we lift the veil on the electronic boards assembly.



We regulary post videos on our YouTube channel. It contains videos on electronic  board assembly machines as well as tutorials, technical articles and electronic tips.

This playful approach is part of EMS Factory’s DNA. In 2020 this approach has been enhanced by the Factory Mezzanine. It is a fully glazed classroom at the heart of the prodcution factory, serving businesses but also teaching staff. Education professionnals who can organize class sessions there.

This classroom can accommodate 30 people, it is the ideal place to practice partnership between the world of education and industry. The idea is to re-establish contact between students, faculty, designers and the electronic industry. It links theory to practice in the same place. 


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As professional, we take great pleasure in passing on our experience. This is a way of seeing the industry differently than through books and it is rewarding for our team to be able to share its know-how with young people thirsty for knowledge. It can even create vocations, as the industry is for many a community of passionates. The world of work remains abstract for young people, so if we can sow seeds to grow this passion, our goal wil be fully achieved. Pierre-Yves Sempere Co-founder EMS Factory.

EMS Factory est avant tout une équipe de passionnés, nous ne manquons pas d’idées pour révolutionner le marché de l’industrie française !

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