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EMSPROTO takes part in the day entitled “In the

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As every year, INP robotics and apprenticeship training of Bordeaux INP organizes the day “In the footsteps of a company manager”. 

The objective is to provide engineering students with a practical insight into the job of a company manager. The means used is to allow each engineer student to follow, for a day, the ordinary professional actions of an industrial manager. The aim is to enable these young people to grasp the complexity of the tasks of a manager, the skills expected in the technological field of course, but also in the legal, HR, commercial, etc. fields.

It is in this dynamic of accompanying the electronic youth that EMSPROTO welcomed Alban Monday, February 3. Student in electronics engineering at the Enseirb Matmeca, Alban chose EMSPROTO as a company to share the daily professional life of a team who, like him, is passionate about electronics.

“It is always with great pleasure that we welcome students in our company. I think it is essential to confront students and teaching staff with the reality of the company. The French industrial sector is a strength and we owe it to ourselves to perpetuate it through the youth of our electronics industry.”

Pierre-Yves Sempere Co-founder EMSPROTO.


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