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Welcome to Version 2 of our famous Cocktail Mach

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 Everyone who has come across our famous cocktail machine while wandering around  a trade show has fallen in love with it, won over by our original and surprising invention.  We decided to modernise it and increase its capacity – tenfold!


Initially capable of serving 6 cocktails, thanks to a pumping system that delivers the ingredients needed to create its delicious beverages, the machine will soon offer 250 cocktails!  But its creators did not just stop there. That’s not how we do things at EMSPROTO! We always look a bit further, and for our V.2 we decided to make her the Queen of the Evenings, by transforming it into a connected machine. In fact, thanks to its Bluetooth system, you can create your own cocktails from a choice of 10 ingredients.


But before bringing this little marvel to life, the EMSPROTO R&D team considered the different phases of the manufacture:


  • Phase 1: initial design, researching components, analysing datasheets, looking at different pump control technologies.
  • Phase 2: Creation of the schematic and PCB routing.
  • Phase 3: Manufacture of the prototype PCBs.
  • Phase 4: Development of a functional test bench.
  • Phase 5: Development of the smartphone application and Bluetooth programming.

  • While waiting to titivate your taste buds (in moderation, you understand) we are continuing work on the creation of this V.2 with our superb team of electronics trainees (Thibaut Lacroix and Emile Vigneron) who are working tirelessly to finalise this unique project. Which electronics student would not dream of having a Cocktail Machine as a training project!


    As soon as it is ready, we will be certain to let you know, and we’ll look forward to presenting it to you at one of our upcoming trade shows!

    See you soon!

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