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Growth Champions 2022 !

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For the third year in a row, we are listed in the 2022 list of France's 500 Champions of Growth, in 129th place

For the third year in a row, we are listed in the 2022 list of France's 500 Champions of Growth, in 129th place.

Growth Champions 2022 ranking

For the sixth time, Les Echos is publishing the results of a survey dedicated to high-growth companies in France. This multi-sector survey is carried out in collaboration with the Statista Institute. The objective of this ranking is to honour companies with exceptional growth performance. These companies stimulate our economy, change our society, create jobs and contribute to the return of growth in our country.

The ranking brings together the 500 companies with the highest growth rate in turnover over the period 2017-2020.

With a growth of 210.64% over the period and a multiplication of the turnover by 3, EMSFACTORY is ranked 129th. By creating EMSFACTORY, Pierre-Yves SEMPERE and Damien MICHAUD have filled a gap in the world of electronics: to obtain a small series of electronic boards quickly. This performance is linked to the rapid increase of the demand leading to the creation of new services revolving around the electronic board and the reinforcement of the teams.

The year 2021 will have been marked by various events and in particular the change of name of the company. Indeed, EMSPROTO has become EMSFACTORY. 6 years after its creation, the company takes a new impulse and diversifies its offer.

"For one more year, EMSPROTO, which became EMSFACTORY in October 2021, is in the top 500 fastest growing European companies. We would like to thank our teams, our customers and our partners, who work with us on a daily basis, trust us and share with us their passion for electronics. EMSFACTORY, ranked 129th, continues to facilitate the online quotation of electronic services, to produce electronic boards and cables in France." Pierre-Yves SEMPERE


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