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Photo of the women who work at EMS PROTO.
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 EMSPROTO, it’s 25 employees including 10 women!

Here is a quick overview of this amazing team who works every day for EMSPROTO:

- Muriel is our eldest,  wiser and most patient operator, she’s like a mother , she takes care of us. She is at the start of the production chain. She receives all the materiel and prepares the components trays for the placement machines.

- The two Sandrine, Catarina and Karine are our cables “killers” team. Thanks to their fairy fingers, no welding can resist them. They also control bga package with our X-Ray machine, use the Rework machine to replace components on the assembled boards and proceed to the cleaning of the boards. Combining professionalism and enthusiasm, they bring freshness into our production workplace!

- Gaelle is at the shipment station. She makes sure that the boards are well packed! Always at 300%, her motivation and dynamism are without failure ! 

- Natalie is the EMSPROTO’s voice! She is in charge of our customers. It’s with her that you will be in touch for all your requests. Her gentleness and professionalism satisfy our customers every day and her Christmas cake delight our team! 

- Vaitea is our accounting assistant. She is our Warrior! She notices everything including our birthdays 😉 

- Beatrice is the office manager. She shows great patience and versatility. Her smile is as bright as her dress! 

- Talking about me it’s not easy, I’m the writer of every emsproto newsletter. I’m an happy person and always ready to help my colleagues.

This newsletter is an opportunity for us to let you know, that every woman in our team have great skills. EMSPROTO is so proud of every woman and man, they are part of the EMSPROTO family.

« Thank you to all EMSPROTO women without them, we will not be here today. They bring us great joy» Damien MICHAUD co-founder”.   

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