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Dimensions, Nb of layers, th. PCB, finish, th. copper, varnished color, via filled, ...
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It is a unique EMS FACTORY tool for cost analysis based on lead time and quantities and taking into account the best offers from our suppliers.
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DRC checking of files
All manufacturing constraints are checked one by one
Panel layout
The paneling of your PCBs is carried out according to your instructions entered online or your files
PCB manufacturing
The 30 steps min. manufacturing processes are launched: cutting, drilling, metallization, lamination, exposure, development, etc.
Electrical test
All tracks are electrically tested to verify good conduction and the absence of short circuits
Visual and dimensional control
The quality of varnish finish and marking are checked as well as the dimensions of the PCBs
Manufacturing and compliance report
A report is automatically generated and can be downloaded from your web account containing all the information related to manufacturing.
Packing and shipping
Your order is packaged in an anti-static bag and shipped by express carrier.

PCB specification


5x5mm up to 750x500mm
Via filled with resin, IPC 4761 type7
210µm thick copper (400µm on request)
White, black, yellow, blue silkscreen
Slice metallization (modules)
1 to 48 layers
µVia laser 75µm
On demand stack up
FR4, CEM3, Roger 4350B
IPC-A-600 Class 2 (Class 3 on request)
Rigid, SMI aluminium
Via blind / buried
Controlled impedances
Tg 180°C, IRC 600V
Flex, Rigid-Flex, Semiflex
Track width 75µm (50µm on request)
Green, white, black, red, blue, purple soldermask
ENIG (NiAu), HAL Rohs, Sn, Ag

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