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Simply define your standard or complex PCB, dimensions, 1 to 48 layers...
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Create your label online from a template, for all your traceability or marking needs.
Coating definition
Choose the right protection for your project from a selection of standard varnishes and resins.
X-ray images
Select the components for which you want to obtain an X-ray image.
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It is a unique EMSFACTORY cost analysis tool based on lead time and quantities, taking into consideration the best offers from our suppliers.
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  • 3,000,000 solder paste dots printed/h
  • 100,000 SMD components assembled/h
  • 5000 through-hole components/day
  • 1,000,000 components received/day
  • 100 m² of PCBs manufactured/day
  • 10 000 000 passive components in stock


  • 3 automated CMS lines
  • 1 line selective solder wave
  • 1 X-ray machine
  • 3 AOI 3D machines
  • 1 auto wash machine
  • 1 auto rework machine


Entrance control/preparation
All components are counted and repackaged for placement by an SMD Pick & Place machine.
Jetting solder paste deposit
New generation digital deposition technology: “jetting” prints the solder paste like an inkjet printer.
Automatic SMD placement
Our precision robots place your components from the smallest (01005) to the largest (70x70mm).
Reflow oven
The boards pass through the convection oven which respects a JEDEC temperature profile, and is checked daily by a profiler.
AOI inspection
The AOI machine takes HD photos of the board, and checks all SMD assembly acceptance criteria.
X-ray inspection
We carry out X-rays of the most complex assemblies to be controlled (BGA, LGA, etc.).
Press Fit
Connectors and components are force-fitted using a controlled pneumatic press and special tooling.
Insertion through hole component
The pins of the component are bent and cut then the components are inserted on the PCB.
Selective solder wave
Boards pass through the selective wave which solder through hole components using a molten alloy pot with a nozzle.
Visual inspection
The assembly of through-hole components is checked according to the criteria of IPC standards.
Tropicalisation (option)
We apply the varnish of your choice to your boards to protect them from all environmental aggressions.
Manufacturing and compliance report
A report is automatically generated and can be downloaded to your web account containing all the information related to the manufacturing process.
Packing and shipping
Your order is packed in an antistatic bag and sent by express carrier.

Electronic board assembly characteristics


5x5mm to 400x500mm
On request special stackup
ENIG (NiAu), HAL, Sn, Ag
1 to 48 layers
Controlled impedances
Rigid, SMI, Flex, Rigid-Flex
Green, white, black, red soldermask
Via filled, µVia laser, via blind/buried
FR4, CEM, Roger, Tg 180°C, IRC 600V


SMD, Through hole, PressFit, THR (Through hole reflow or Pin In Paste), Dipping
Reballing, reconditioning, baking of components
Screwing, gluing, crimping
Unit labeling
BGA, µBGA, LGA, FlipChip, QFN, 0201,…
Fine Pitch 0,3mm


High Definition and 3D AOI
Ion contamination measurement
X-ray inspection machine
Thickness measurement of deposited varnishes
X-ray image capture
T° and H° production monitoring
Electrical measurement of passive components

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