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online quote

Get the detailed price of your project in a few minutes depending on the lead time and quantity chosen

Connected to suppliers

Web platform connected in real time to supplier databases, availability and best prices guaranteed

Price transparency

View the price of each part, and assembly, control your production costs

Online quote (pdf)

Get your quote online in pdf format

Share your projects

Save and share your cart with colleagues on your team, manage your team's rights

Online quote
A complete interface that allows you to easily cost and order your project

A unique online experience

Definition of technical specificationsSelect all the characteristics of your PCB, varnish, labels. Test the new unique cord or harness creation tool
Get instant costThe price updates automatically as you complete your project, analyze and optimize your cost price
Optimized availability and pricesAutomatic search of components thanks to the connection to the databases of our suppliers, verified availability and best prices selected
The Price OptimizerIt is a tool developed to allow you to analyze the cost price of your project according to the quantities and the leadtime
Online quote (PDF)Put all your projects in the cart and if necessary get a detailed pdf quote yourself
Share your cart or quoteCreate your team of colleagues and share your costings and projects with them, keep control of your team's rights
The price optimizerQuickly visualize, using the graph or the matrix, the best optimization of the cost price of your projectExample of price optimization for a PCB assembly project


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