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What is a Pick & Place file ?The conception step of the pcb involves defining in advance the placement of its elements. This step is possible thanks to the Pick and Place file, but how to build it ?
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The Pick & Place file is the file that gives the exact position of components on the board.

This file is automatically generated by your development CAO software.

This file can be exported as the following formats :

  • Excel sheet (.xlsx)
  • Data file (.csv)
  • Text file sort by separators like semicolon (.txt)

This table contain the following information:

  • Designators
  • Layer on which the component has to be place
  • Absolute placement on the X axis related to the centre of the component
  • Absolute placement on the Y axis related to the centre of the component
  • Absolute rotation of the component

These five elements above are essentials to create a Pick & Place file, but more information can be add to it as the following ones :

  • Component Footprint
  • Description of the component

The absolute position of the component related to the X or the Y axis need to be define from the center of it to create a correct file, and all mesures need to be in millimetres in order to be treated later.

The rotation of the component is unique depending on its origin (library, software …).

This file can be upload in the “Files” tab of the EMS Factory website interface.

In general cases, an example of Pick & Place file can be as the following example :

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