Build your electronic prototypes and small batch

Create your manufacturing project online, get the price instantly by choosing the quantity and leadtime, and take advantage of our customer platform as your own factory (based in France).

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Control the manufacturing process

Control the manufacturing process

  • From the simplest to the most complex
  • Direct connection to the databases of component suppliers
  • Many technical production options
  • Online technical support

Control production and delivery

  • Work like in your own factory with the “Manufacturing Project Manager”
  • Follow the manufacturing progress
  • Interact with the manufacturing team
  • Be informed of problems in your designs
  • Track deliveries

Our key advantages

online quoting

Get the detailed price of your project in a few minutes depending on the lead time and quantity chosen.

Component library

Access our library of standard components and take advantage of our negotiated prices.

No tooling costs

The technologies used by EMSFACTORY do not use expensive production tools.

Price transparency

View the price of each part, and assembly, control your production costs

Real time monitoring

Track manufacturing online and interact with our production team as needed.

The factory

EMSFactory is a factory located in the South West of France, on the prestigious Bordeaux-Montesquieu Technology Park

Our services

Electronic board assembly

From the simplest to the most complex, quote and assemble your electronic board thanks to EMSFACTORY the connected factory.

Cable assembly

The first online tool that allows you to create, quote and order your cable from the simplest to the most complex harness, thanks to EMSFACTORY the Connected Factory.


EMSFACTORY offers you the largest PCB offer on the market, quote and order your PCB from the simplest to the most complex online.


EMS FACTORY offers you to shape your box to integrate your electronic card, encrypt and order your box online.

Coating / potting

Varnish or resin a large choice of industrial protections, cost and order your tropicalization project thanks to EMS FACTORY the connected factory.

X-ray radiography

Get an industrial X-ray radiography simply, quote and order your X-ray images thanks to EMSFACTORY the connected factory.

Product assembly

From the start to the finished product EMSFACTORY assemble your project, quote and order your product assembly online, thanks to EMSFACTORY the connected factory.


EMS FACTORY replaces your already assembled components or modifies your product, cost and order your rework thanks to EMSFACTORY the connected factory.


EMSFACTORY technologists offer you services for the choice of your assembly process, components, PCB, varnish ....

Our clients

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